Richard Black has currently finished his third year in Commercial Photography at the University of Derby. Within this short period of time Richard has developed his photography skills with finesse and style that has attracted a wide range of clients outside of university. His true passion, however, lies in portrait photography.

With influence by classical painters of the 17th - 18th centuries, his fine art approach to this visual medium gives his body of work—commercial, personal and editorial alike—a characteristic visual quality attained through his unique vision.

People may say that it’s Richard's masterful command of light and shadow or his visual style that runs seamlessly throughout his body of work that clearly separates him from other contemporary photographers; but ultimately it’s his enduring commitment and connection to the people he photographs that make every one of his images truly memorable.

Though working on location, it’s not uncommon to see Richard working from a studio. What’s particularly noticeable in his collection of DIY contraptions that he often builds and uses on set. These range from foil reflectors to a light-stands fitted with fluorescent tubes to mimic a ring light. These Dr. Seuss-style inventions may seem whimsical, but it’s part of Richard's philosophy that you don’t always need the most expensive equipment to create the best image. In sum, it pays to be scrappy.

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